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    WoodCream – 100 ML


    Rubio® WoodCream is a high-quality, water-based cream that gives vertical wood a weathered look and also makes it water-repellent, which results in a long-lasting pearl effect. Rubio® WoodCream is available in 7 shades of grey, which give the wood an aged look. A transparent version is also available, which allows the wood to age naturally, but protects it and makes it water-repellent.
    Its cream structure makes this product easy to apply, especially on vertical wood.

    • Water resistant result with long-lasting pearl effect.
    • Self-cleaning.
    • Cream structure for optimum convenience.
    • Choose from 27 colours for an aged look and one transparent colour to protect already aged exterior walls.
    • 100% ecological, 0% hazardous substances (VOC).
    • Not film-forming, does not flake off.
    • Excellent for soft wood types.

    Please note this product can be used with woodcream softener

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    • Drying time: depending on the climatic conditions: ± 12 hours
    • Dry to the touch after 30 minutes.
    • The pearl effect already starts after 3 hours
    • Apply 60 to 80 g/m² in 1 single coat

    Storage The product can be stored for up to 12 months. Store in dry conditions and in the original unopened packaging.

    Protect from frost.

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    Aurora Blue – Scandinavian Collection, Blue Grey – Grey Collection, Bold Black – Grey Collection, Burned Chocolate – Traditional Collection, Charming Grey – Grey Collection, Country Green – Scandinavian Collection, Creamy White – Traditional Collection, Deep Taupe – Traditional Collection, Dirty Grey – Grey Collection, Fjord Blue – Scandinavian Collection, Forest Green – Scandinavian Collection, Gravel Grey – Grey Collection, Green Grey – Grey Collection, Ice Blue – Scandinavian Collection, Misty Grey – Grey Collection, Mocha Cream – Traditional Collection, Navy Blue – Scandinavian Collection, Oslo Ochre – Scandinavian Collection, Quiet Green – Scandinavian Collection, Rich Almond – Traditional Collection, Salted Caramel – Traditional Collection, Snow White – Traditional Collection, Soft Taupe – Traditional Collection, Swedish Red – Scandinavian Collection, Sweet Toffee – Traditional Collection, Timeless Grey – Grey Collection, Transparent #0 – Grey Collection


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