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    Sunprimer HWP – 1 Litre


    The combination of Rubio Monocoat Sunprimer HWPP with Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector gives an even more intense color and excellent protection of your outdoor wood but still with a natural look of the wood. Rubio Monocoat Sunprimer HWP is a water-based primer which limits the effects of UV light. It can be used as an optional primer when applying a finishing coat of the same color in Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector on vertical exterior wood.

    ATTENTION: This product is a pre-treatment and does not protect the wood. It has to be combined with one of our Rubio Monocoat finishing products for maximum protection.

    • Ready for use.
    • Retains the natural look of the wood.
    • Provides a deep and intense colour.
    • Provides better cover and a more uniform effect.
    • 20 unique colours.
    • Certified
    • Only applicable on vertical wood
    • Packaging: 100ml and 1 L bottles, 5 L.
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    • Physical state: liquid
    • Odour: characteristic
    • Density: > 1 kg/L
    • VOC content: 0 g/L
    • Spread rate: 10 to 35 m²/L

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    hwp-autoclave-green, hwp-black, hwp-charcoal, hwp-chocolate, hwp-dolphin, hwp-dragonfruit, hwp-grey, hwp-lagoon, hwp-light-grey, hwp-look-ipe, hwp-natural, hwp-piglet, hwp-poppy, hwp-pure, hwp-royal, hwp-sunflower, hwp-sunset, hwp-taupe, hwp-teak, hwp-veggie, hwp-white, hwp-wine-red


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