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    General Question

    37 Jessie Street, Cremorne, VIC 3121, Australia

    One coat is all that is required.

    • You can view colors on our Colors page.

    • Download a Color Card on the respective product page in the downloads section.

    Because of the varying wood prep and species, we do not produce samples. You can view sample swatches on our Colors page or purchase one of our Sample Sizes.

    Oil Plus 2C

    We do not recommend using Oil Plus 2C on cutting boards or butcher blocks that will be used for cutting.

    Rubio Monocoat oil forms a molecular bond with the topmost microns of the wood. A knife can cut deeper than the product penetrates, leaving raw wood exposed and susceptible to mold and/or bacteria growth.

    However, as our product is safe to use on food surfaces, it is acceptable to use on charcuterie and serving boards.

    Technically, this asks if the product is safe to ingest, but we understand what you’re getting at. 


    While we do not recommend ingesting our products, it can be safely used on a food contact surface. We even have a Fit for Food certification from an independent testing institute.

    We cannot guarantee adhesion, so you must discuss this with the poly or lacquer manufacturer.

    No, Oil Plus 2C must come in contact with raw cellulose in order to properly work.

    Universal Maintenance Oil can be applied over Oil Plus 2C to increase the sheen level by 6-8%. Universal Maintenance Oil should not be applied to raw wood.

    Because the product will not bond to itself, multiple coats are not needed. On softer species like walnut, a second application may be necessary to make sure that all areas have fully had the opportunity to react with the oil.

    Once the surface is dry. We recommend using a moisture meter to be sure.

    Yes, wood floors finished with Oil Plus 2C can be covered with a non-staining construction paper 48 hours after application.

    Please remember:

    • Never tape directly to the floor.

    • Only tape paper to paper.

    • Covering the floor will extend the cure time.

    A lifetime with proper maintenance. We would expect the first maintenance to be needed somewhere between 2 and 5 years depending on wear.

    Recommended final sanding grit is 120. We recommend sanding according to industry guidelines.

    Pure is our unpigmented color. As all oils, it will warm/richen the wood.

    Please visit the Oil Plus 2C product page to view application videos and download the TDS. 


    Additionally, you can view the Application Instructions Brochure.

    No, we recommend Hybrid Wood Protector for all exterior applications.

    We have 55 standard colors and we’re constantly working on new trendy colors. View them on our Colors page.

    You can walk on the floor with dry socks 8 hours after a proper application. However, it is best practice to wait 24-36 hours before walking on the floor.

    Yes. View our certifications.

    Care and Maintenance

    No, most over the counter cleaners have solvents or caustic qualities that could strip the protective properties of the finish.  We only recommend using Surface Care Spray when cleaning.

    Depending on what caused the spot or scratch, there are generally four ways to fix them: 

    • Surface Care Spray

    • Refresh Eco

    • Applying more Oil Plus 2C oil to the scratch.

    We’d be glad to assist with finding the proper course of action for you. Please contact us.

    Your floor should be cleaned on an as-needed basis.

    This will vary depending on the amount of traffic the floor is subjected to. It is best practice not to flood a hardwood floor with liquid.

    Surface Care Spray has no solvents or oil, so nothing is being added to the finish during the cleaning process.

    Surface Care Spray is the only approved cleaner you should use on your floor.

    This can be done as often as you would normally clean your floors. (Weekly, bimonthly, etc) Vacuuming and dry mopping with a microfiber mop also works well. Never use other manufacturer’s cleaners.

    Universal Maintenance Oil

    You can use Universal Maintenance Oil 48 hours after the proper application of Oil Plus 2C.

    Hybrid Wood Protector

    Yes, but only on vertical surfaces and furniture. We recommend Oil Plus 2C for interior wood floors.

    Between 10-16 degrees Celsius is optimal.

    Up to 10% Part B accelerator should be added to Hybrid Wood Protector for all horizontal surfaces.

    Raw Wood Cleaner

    Other traditional cleaners like mineral spirits can leave residue on the surface. The residue can impede our product from forming a molecular bond. For this reason, we recommend to always clean using Raw Wood Cleaner.

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